The association

Created in 2013, the “Association des amis de Félix de Vuillefroy” aims to make known the personality and the painter’s work Félix de Vuillefroy-Cassini (1841-1916).

Felix de Vuillefroy, around 1882, photography

To this end, the Association edits every year a publication compiling studies about the artist and its community. Furthermore, the Association grants to fund the restauration of the painter’s works or art which are conserved in public collection

In order to complement our documentation and our knowledge about the artist, we seek out any information related to the life or artist’s operation of Félix de Vuillefroy. Do not hesitate to contact us; if required, the anonymity in case of publication, will be strictly respected.



The exhibition “Felix de Vuillefroy animal painter in the exhibit hall” organized by the association “Les amis de Félix de Vuillefroy” will take place from 25 November to 2 December 2016.

The exhibition will bring together private works of this painter. It will be the first one dedicated to this artist.

A catalogue of this exhibition will be published on this occasion and will be available for sale at the association.

Galerie Tarantino, 38 rue Saint-Georges, 75009 Paris